Game Ahoy!

Game started as scheduled. The players did fantastic. I believe I fooled them all with a start in the game Pirates of the Spanish Main, a pirate setting generally sans magic.

For the rest of the first session, see the In the Beginning or Kidnapped! To a new World

The players want monkeys, we’ll have monkeys. :)

This is a Pirates of the Spanish Main campaign, with a twist — here’s hoping my players will be pleasantly shocked and awed. The role playing should be very interesting.

We’ll be seafarers in a big “sandbox.” The first session is Saturday, March 31st. Information will appear exponentially.

Here is more specific information from my group’s meetup group:

Ahoy, Mateys!

Thanks for letting me run some game! This Saturday, we’ll be starting a foray into the age of piracy with Pirates of the Spanish Main. I will be posting character descriptions and/or archetypes tomorrow, so please pick one or more that you might want to play (I’m planning to make 10-15 characters, so we shall have plenty).

Regarding system – if you’ve played in one of my games, then you already know the rules and how things work. I intend the game to be cinematic, in the same vein as 7th Sea. Also, please do not agonize over choosing a character. After we’ve explored the setting and time period, we will make “real” characters from scratch if you so desire.

Thanks for giving me a chance – I think you’ll be surprised!

Here is a description of the setting from Pinnacle’s website.

All hands on deck! In the waters of the Caribbean there are fortunes to be made and lost…or stolen. In these times it takes courage and daring to carve out a niche and forge a new legend. Will you sail the high seas in search of fame and fortune, lead a band of buccaneers in search of booty, or captain a ship of the line in the service of King and country?

Set a course for adventure; fame and fortune await over the horizon. Prepare for action!

Please feel free to email or post any questions or comments. Thanks.

Here thar be some more resources, if’n ya be inquisitive.

I have uploaded maps of the Spanish Main (multiple maps in one file) as well as a blank character sheet, ship and crew “character sheet” (also in one file).

Here are links to those documents on the Pinnacle site as well.
Character and Ship Sheets

Beware ye of puttin’ too much stock in what be words on paper. Oft things are more than they appear to be.

While I’m thinking of it, here is some information on the Savage Worlds system and Pirates of the Spanish Main.

Homepage of Pinnacle Entertainment Group

Here is some information on
Pinnacle’s games, starting with Savage Worlds (the Explorer’s Edition is only $9.99 (Bosco’s has copies)), they also have the more recent “Deluxe Edition” ($29.99, I think, but the changes are relatively minor and are available in a free pdf from the Dowloads page). Scroll down the games page for Pirates of the Spanish Main, Deadlands, Space 1889 and other awesomeness.

I have an extra copy of the core Savage Worlds book, if you’re curious.

Also, please let me know if you’re considering a purchase of the Pirates of the Spanish Main book for our game. I have a copy – you won’t need it – but in any case, please contact me before you buy it.

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