Parrot on my Shoulder, Monkey on my Back

Kidnapped! To a new World

A Fighter's Point of View

Safara’s Story

I took passage on the Dawn Belle out of Breast.  Then things went bad yet again.  In spite of a valiant defense of the ship by crew and passengers, it was taken by pirates.  I myself killed or injured four of the crew, swearing that if they tried to enslave me I would kill the rest.  

In the end, I was knocked unconscious and thrown into a cell in the hold with the other survivors.  My weapons were taken, but nothing else was touched.  I wandered in and out of consciousness, drinking brackish water twice and experiencing the tempest that the pirates encountered.  

I woke again in total darkness, and the frantic rocking had stilled.  One of the other captives from a British ship removed some of the cell’s bars, allowing us to escape.  We discovered the ship was abandoned and sinking.  

We worked like slaves to make emergency repairs and keep the ship going until we beached it on a strange tropical island.  That was when we learned that once again, it was the end of the life we knew and the start of a life in Neuf en fers, the Nine Hells, surrounded by dragons, sharks, and crabe demons.

May the good spirits preserve us!  The nice English blacksmith has become a demon de poulpe!



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