Parrot on my Shoulder, Monkey on my Back

The Price

The Blacksmith's Transformation

Smith Watts

Finally, I have made it to an exotic port that the French Man had always talked to me about.  It was a rough ride to get to this present moment, but it is so worth it.  So far I have made the greatest of friends, A one armed Major named Salazaar, A Captain named Juan, a Famous Doctor and her daughter Daffney, A Urchin boy who finds the best places to keep safe, and Safara the Mighty dinosaur hunter and then there is me Smith Watts the Black Smith.   

This place is so exotic it has crabmen that can talk and warn us about the Red Men that are coming who will kill us for just being alive.  This is way better than any adventure I have ever imagined or heard of.  In fact this adventure is so exciting I even buried my first Treasure Horde.

Well there are boring tasks as well on this Island we are stranded on. Since the Crabman insists the Red Men will kill us and a big huge Shark bit the Ass end of our boat off we began to fix another boat just down the shoreline so we can set off to avoid the Red Death.

Wow! I must say that is some of the best repair work I have seen done.  We did it as a bunch of strangers that barely know each other.Maybe when the Red Death is upon you there is more urgency and focus forced upon you.  

Crabman: “Dam the Waters, those Red Men have their beasts coming for us!”  

I remember my comrades getting our ship to sail with great speed to out run the Red Mens main fleet.  The waves started to swell so badly that I could see the big huge Shark Beast swim thru the wave to jump the swells into the next wave to catch up to us. I made sure everyone was tied off to their safety lines. Then I looked around and saw my comrades and just could not let that beast tear a piece of our ass of again.  

I noticed the Red Mens fleet were firing their dark magic at us and causing dmg to our ship so the Shark Beast could get us.  I remembered the French Man telling me a tale of sreaming mermaids and he used a mirror to deflect its wrath. With out even thinking I grabbed a man sized mirror that was from our plunder and jumped right into the dark magics blast to direct it back at the Giant Shark Beast.

I actually saw the magic bounce back into the Sharks mouth and then I saw Big white razor like teeth the size of swords and felt a wave of wrenching pain.  My lungs filled with water and then it felt like I was boiling with in the inside.  I just waited for death so the pain could leave my body.  As the boiling in my  lungs started to simmer down I was ready to just feel nothing and then the pain of being tourtured by a stretching machine started to coarse through my whole body.  

I must be getting chewed up by the Shark I thought to myself.  How much longer can this go on …  Then I started to feel some pressure upon my chest.  I dared to open my eyes to see what horror was going on.  I can not beleive I still can even open them up.  I opened my eyes and there I saw a monkey sitting on my chest holding on to what looks like the tentacles of an octopus.  

I looked over to see the famous Doctor over in the corner of the room to ask her the strangest question.  Good Doc Not to question your expertise of how to heal me.  I am grateful that I can even talk or see! I do have to ask you this! Why is there a monkey holding a octopus down on my chest? 



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